Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lets get this party started!!!

Paint party that is.  Who's invited: me myself and I.  The baby just went down for his afternoon nap so I am going to make some art.  Time just seems to get away from me.  It was just August and I was getting ready for the Peter Anderson Festival which came and went.  The Holidays just flew by and now its carnival season.  I have a lot of commissions to do for Mardi Gra, thank God.  It's nice to have work.  They say in art it's either feast or famine and since the famine seamed long I am very grateful for the feast.  I am going to get started with some warm up painting for fun.  It really is all about the fun....Todays color palette: Mustard, Purple and Turquoise.  Its my new favorite color combination.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and New Art!

Happy New Year friends!  I hope this year will be full of new opportunities to make more fun art.  I have spent most of today practicing a new technique on some abandon pieces of work.  Some times its hard to find that one thing to make it right.  Right in your eyes that is.  I love painting and I wish that there were more hours in the day to do it.  Time with no interruptions and the right mental state.  If your in a hurry, stressed or not focused, just go ahead and step back.  I looked at a few paintings I started today when it was just not flowing and I still am not ready to fix them.  That day will come, they all ways do.  You just never know when that might be.  You just have to take your opportunities as they come and make the most of them- In live, love, and art.