Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Rock KWLA Tournament Art

This fun little guy along with some of his friends art in North Carolina at the Big Rock KWLA tournament.  They choose my "Marlin De Lis" art for the lady anglers tournament shirts this year.  It has really been exciting being a part of it and they are great to work with.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Funky Fish

I have been having fun creating mixed media fish with a combination of water color and pen & ink.
I like the effects they both give.  I love pen and ink because you can take it any where and draw any where.  My favorite black indian ink pens are made by Faber-Castell.  Any where I go you will be sure to find me caring a bag full of pens, pencils and markers.  I think drawing is my new addiction and way more healthier than smoking, which by the way took me a long time to kick.

This last fish was created using colored pencils on black paper.  The black paper I used is made by Strathmore and can be purchased here.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pen and Ink Fun!

I have been enjoying exploring the use of pen and ink.  Then I find out there is a whole movement called Zentangle.  Zentagle is a form of drawing that promotes relaxation and creativity.  I personally just love the repeating patterns and lines.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pouring Water Color

Working on some poured water color paintings this weekend.  I love the many layers and the beautiful surprises you have when you remove the masking fluid.

Here are the beginning pictures of the process....

After several layers of masking, water color and drying
our finished work....

Pouring water color can really give you some amazing results.  I saw how to do it by watching a you tube video.  You tube has a lot of great art tutorials.

Have fun creating and enjoy the processes - Erika

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hand Painted Collage Paper Demo

Painting papers for my collages...
Start out with blank rice paper

doodle using ink pens and markers

more doodling...

more doodling..

Fill in with color using light fast acrylics such as Golden Fluid acrylics

add some stamping for more effects...

Its almost too pretty to rip up.. but I will!!!

My New Years Resolution is to have more fun making art!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fall Festival & Art Season Is Rolling In

I participated in the Ocean Springs Art Walk last week.  It was a great success even though we had just came through a small Hurricane named Isaac.  Once September hits time just flies.  Lots of charity event for the arts and community hold their balls at this time.  The fall art festival season starts with art walk and then the big event is the Peter Anderson Festival.  I made some real fun browse bins for my shows using some boxes I recycled then primed with gesso before painting and decorating with things I had around the house.  They were super fun to make and cost very little since most of the materials were recycled items.  I also had a wonderful junior artist as my assistant.  My host each year for this event is Lee Tracy boutique in Downtown Ocean Springs.